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Courtesans The Elite breed of private escorts

The Courtesan

The word “courtesan” on European languages dates back to the late 15th-century and is a classical term used to describe ladies, who were well educated, with impeccable manners and etiquette. These women came from upper class families and influential circles which using charm, refinement, and sexuality to attract high status suitors, patrons, and lovers.

The Courtesan in the past

Back in the past, these wonderful women studied ethics, philosophy, mathematics, astronomy and astrology, and other important sciences. They could keep and maintain a conversation on any topic par with men. This was the first form of women’s emancipation in society. Women with progressive and even revolutionary views, behaviors, and status over time. A status that gave them much more rights even than the wives of their lovers (clients). Therefore, courtesans were highly valued by representatives of the wealthiest families. Their company inside and outside the bed was highly regarded by politicians, wealthy businessmen, and royalty.

The Courtesans were respected and admired ladies, who can be found in the courts of aristocracy and royalty who debating with and entertaining wealthy gentlemen. Also with academia’s, rich businessmen, even politicians. You could find these women anywhere wealth and power were in excess. This is why people say money and women always mix well!


Nowadays, courtesans have far more opportunities, thanks not least to their predecessors from the past. The Courtesan is a high-class private companion, who specializes in proposing outstanding services for sophisticated gentlemen. Fantastic, educated women of all professions in life. Girls for whom monogamy and marriage are outdated.

The courtesan raises Girlfriend Experience (GFE) to a whole new level. Extremely smart and experienced in the art of seduction, her clients are so engrossed in her that they become her regular worshipers. This allows the courtesan to have several regular clients to meet all her needs and her high standard of living. The usual tip for a courtesan from a regular client is the same as what he would do to his wife – an expensive gift: jewelry, an exclusive trip, a car, etc.

A courtesan is a playgirl or mistress for her clients. They are intimate companions with a social function. Their clients are mostly businessmen, gentlemen, and famous figures who provide them with private quarters or apartments where they meet in a quiet intimate atmosphere. Sex, adventures, passion, luxury, and glamour – this is the everyday life of the courtesan today. The highest class escort!

Men love the word Courtesan, just like the Courtesan of the past. Today is pretty much the same but you can’t apply the term “courtesan” to anyone escort, just on the elite, and high-class escorts!

The highest class escort

Rent Love is a superb agency picking only high-end escorts, to make sure that our ladies are on par with luxury or elite glamour. This is what makes our highest class escort agency the best in the business, in many respects. Fully worthy of the classical term “courtesan” Our private VIP Companions are suitable enough for even royalties. Therefore, whether you are a king or queen, there is a courtesan for everyone.

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