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For extra’s such as our Striptease Service we kindly give you a warm welcome to our 24 hours, last minute & exciting striptease service’s in the area of Amsterdam, Schiphol, Hoofddorp, Haarlem & more. We have a selection of fantastic, willing & sexy female strippers nearby that can perform an amazing show upon request. We have female strippers from Amsterdam available for dances like officer, nurse, playbunny or a complete suprise led by our striptease agency. It’s fully up to you and we recommend contacting our staff first before booking. The phonenumber is +31(0)6 44 077 807 and ensures a fast & reliable booking.

A striptease show is a erotic dance act only. In comparison to our female escorts in Amsterdam these females are only available for private or public dancing. Wether you have something to celebrate, a friend or girlfriend throwing a bachalor party or you just like to throw in a suprise, we have a great selection of girls that perform. All you need is a proper sound installation that can play songs by a CD or let the DJ decide which good songs to play. We will give you a amazing time with friends and have a private show all paired up for you. Check out our website if you would like to know more info.

Female Strippers in Amsterdam

To arrange a booking with female strippers in Amsterdam, you’ll have to contact us, as our listed girls are primarily for escort service only. We assure you that we have beautiful, talented & amazing female strippers available for city’s such as Amsterdam on almost 24 hours basis. Please be aware that our rates could vary as well as this is a different package compared to our usual services. Strippers are not menth for sex as this is a different form of entertainment. If you would like to book a girl with intimacy, please check out the listing of our escorts. We could assemble you a package which includes several hours of entertainment & pleasure with a perfect matching escort girl.

On average, a striptease with our stripper agency in Amsterdam is around 30 minutes. That’s enough songs and entertainment for you for just € 250! If you are interested you can make a booking by using the phonenumber +31(0)6 44 077 807 or write us a message by using our website. This ensures that you will get the right thing and can have a amazing night with friends and throw an amazing party. For a succesfull striptease, always follow the instructions of the female stripper, and be respectfull. They are there for your entertainment. Your privacy will always be respected, we will not disclose the meaning of our visit to your place.

  • Amsterdam’s Best Striptease Service now available
  • Full striptease, 30 minutes, real strippers, € 250!
  • Fast & discreet delivery in various city’s
  • Throw a striptease for birthday, bachalor or suprise

Book Stripease in Amsterdam

For more information on striptease in Amsterdam please call +31(0)6 44 077 807.